Boomerang Global’s medical transcription solution, Crossover, is a high quality transcription service that converts dictation to text with speed and accuracy. We not only convert provider dictation to text, but integrate that text directly into the correct repository in your EHR, ensuring Meaningful Use compliance. We leverage the cost-savings and efficiencies of our global network of transcription resources, allowing our clients to enjoy rapid turnaround times and extremely competitive pricing. We can transcribe any patient document that you dictate, including initial E&M, consultations, operative notes, discharge summaries, SOAP notes, physician correspondence, etc.

Crossover provides comprehensive in-house training programs on an ongoing basis to our transcription specialists, and we’re proud to employ only an experienced, knowledgeable, detail-oriented staff. We use 100% HIPAA-compliant processes with secure 256 AES encryption and VPN division, so the security of your confidential patient information is never compromised.

How it Works

Crossover supports audio from digital recorders, toll free phone-in dictation or computer dictation; we even offer a solution that processes multiple audio file formats. Once your dictation is received, our 24-hour production cycle begins. Our follow-the-sun model means that our offshore team is working even after the US workday ends, maximizing production and improving delivery times. Text goes through an unprecedented 3-level quality assurance process and arrives in your EHR by the start of business the next day. We offer short and long-term services and 24×7 client support.

Benefits of Using Crossover:

  • Save Money (while maintaining the highest quality!)

    Having a global network of transcription staff means we offer low per-line rates compared to our competitors while still maintaining the highest quality. Outsourcing your transcription needs to Crossover eliminates the need for hiring, administration and ongoing training costs for your own staff, and no extra

  • See More Patients

    Providers responsible for typing patient documentation into an EHR are undoubtedly forced into seeing less patients. More time spent on text-entry leaves less time for patient care. In fact, a 2014 study found that 65% of physicians felt that their EHR systems resulted in financial losses for their practice due to the significant investment of time. Reclaim your time and increase your patient volume by outsourcing transcription to Crossover.

  • Improve Patient Satisfaction

    Engage in a natural dialogue with your patients rather than asking template-based questions to improve your patients’ satisfaction! Transcription allows you to focus on truly face-to-face conversation with your patients, rather than staring at your EHR on a computer screen.

  • Comply with Meaningful Use

    Meaningful Use requirements focus largely on the integration of structured and unstructured data into EHRs. Crossover delivers transcribed notes directly to your EHR, making patient information reportable, usable for clinical decision support and compliant with Meaningful Use requirements.

  • Ease into your EHR Adoption

    One of the goals of EHR use is to convert entirely to a paperless system, but the reality is that paper-based processes are bound to remain for years to come. If you’re purchasing an EHR, or already have one but are not fully utilizing it, allow us to help you ease into the transition. Crossover relieves the administrative burden placed on providers of typing patient documentation, allowing you to continue narrative dictation with little disruption to your normal workflow. The converted text-based transcription is integrated into the proper sections of your EHR, allowing you to easily access it at a later time.

  • Manage Seasonal Workload Fluctuations

    For those practices who only need outside help for a short period of time, Crossover can help! Whether you see more students before the school year starts, or more sunbirds during the winter months, we’re happy to provide a short-term solution for your transcription needs.

  • Ensure Accuracy of Patient Information

    Should your documentation contain any discrepancies in diagnosis, health or other information, our transcription specialists will flag the information for your review. This editing step helps your notes approach 100% accuracy!