Boomerang has an in-house software development division that caters to the healthcare, legal and paralegal industries. Customized software solutions can be built to specific client requirements and our existing software products can also be modified or extended to accommodate individual needs.

Business Resource and Intelligence Network (BRAIN)

BRAIN services all back-office operations for the small scale healthcare, legal and paralegal sectors, within a single window environment. BRAIN is a comprehensive Transcription, Practice Management and Document Management System.

Doctor (DS.Net)

DS.NET is an automated workflow management system that enables advanced management of dictations and transcriptions within a localized or web-based network.

DS.NET automatically transfers dictations and the related patient demographics from designated physician folders to secured FTP sites in an encrypted format. In-house transcriptionists or external transcription units transcribe the files which are then downloaded to marked folders on completion.

Key features of the system include:

  • Quick file detection with current status for each dictation
  • Complete tracking and management of dictations and transcribed reports
  • Integration with any dictation system
  • Secure encryption
  • Unlimited remote users
  • HIPAA compliant

Digital Dictation System (DDS)

DDS is an advanced Digital Dictation System with file management capabilities. The system provides an easy-to-use interface that enables recording, playback, re-recording and uploading of completed audio files. The system administrator is able to automatically or manually assign files for transcription, which are then played back using the in-built audio player.

Key features of the system include:

  • Supports barcode based file creation and storage
  • Automatic upload and download of dictations
  • Complete tracking and management of dictations
  • Secure encryption
  • Unlimited number of remote users


CrossDocs was built keeping in mind clients requirements in terms of workflow, file distribution and information dissemination. It was also built to cover the varying complexities of different clients.

It has been built on the .NET platform deploying MS SQL 2008, hosted on multiple load balanced Windows 2003 servers. It has a 3-tier architecture allowing for an extremely thin client side application with all the logic and processing done on centralized servers. This has allowed very fast implementation and all update tasks are automated.

CrossDocs provides clients with a completely customizable solution to create mutliple workflows within their organization and also allow external entities to form part of the main workflow.

It has been designed to be modular in nature so clients have the freedom to choose only those modules that they need. It is open enough to allow very easy customization to interface with existing systems clients may already have in place.