Did you know that the average physician office revenue can be positively influenced by 20% or more with a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service? Boomerang Global can help your practice achieve this success because RCM is our core competency. We maximize your revenue despite decreasing margins by lowering your overhead, decreasing accounts receivables and reducing your costs. Partnering with Boomerang Global reduces the burden of RCM on your staff and helps you maintain your operations in the face of declining and value-based reimbursement. Boomerang can even negotiate existing contracts to ensure that you are being paid at the highest possible rates. We are dedicated to increasing reimbursement, getting your claims paid faster and making sure no revenue is left on the table!

Our multi-level Quality Assurance (QA) process is the key to delivering service with extremely high profitability. Your claims are prepped by our team of offshore specialists, and always undergo final authentication by a US-based team of billing experts. All processes and transfers of data are HIPAA compliant, using secure 256 bit AES encryption and VPN division. We are committed to providing our services within compliance standards and in accordance with all existing Federal, State and Payer regulations.

Experienced Billing Specialists

We employ a team of 100+ billing specialists in India, each with at least 7 years of experience with all key insurance payers. Our staff is proficient in CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9 coding Level I/II/III and ICD-10. All of our staff is trained on regulations related to Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, third party liability, workers compensation, Preferred Provider Organizations and indemnity insurers. Our staff is experienced in using many EHR and EMR systems, including AllScripts, NextGen, Mosaiq, ARIA, eClinicalWorks, Medic, MedicsII, Medisoft, Lytec, IDX, Practice Admin and GE Centricity. Billing specialists are required to complete HIPAA training seminars and maintain the strictest confidentiality of your patient and practice information. Boomerang prides itself on comprehensive in-house education programs to keep our staff abreast of patient confidentiality procedures and changes related to medical billing and coding.

Full Service and Hybrid Models

Full Service RCMHybrid Models
If you’re a small practice with 1-3 providers, our full service RCM is more appropriate.For larger organizations that already have some billing infrastructure in place, we offer a hybrid model to augment your existing staff.
With this service offering, Boomerang assumes full responsibility of your revenue cycle from start to finish, functioning as your complete billing department.We can provide any number of FTEs that you require to supplement your billing or front office team.
Our fees are extremely competitive, and charged as a simple percentage of collections.Typically, your organization would retain certain key staff such as billing managers and expert coders, then Boomerang provides employees that handle all labor-intensive tasks.
We understand that small practices often find it cost-prohibitive to hire and retain skilled, reliable staff to manage your billing, so we’re here to help!Our staff members are more cost-effective, reliable and highly trained than the average practice’s employee.
You’re able to focus on high-level business activities and avoid paying hourly wages, benefits, etc. to a larger staff.

Service Offerings

All services listed below are included in our full service RCM, and any number of these can be performed in our hybrid model. In addition to the services listed, our staff can be trained to replicate any task or process needed by your organization.

Data Entry

 We can assist in performing many types of data entry services a medical practice or hospital encounters, including patient demographics entry, filing scanned medical records, etc.

PQRS Data Submission

 For practices that choose PQRS claims-based reporting, Boomerang can take over the process of adding quality-data codes to the appropriate claims.

Claims Submission

 Electronic or paper claims are prepped and undergo a multi-level QA process, then are submitted to payers within one business day. EDI reports are downloaded for claim tracking.

Eligibility Checks & Prior Authorizations

 We obtain accurate and up-to-date benefits information for new and existing patients prior to scheduled appointments. All verification information is entered into your system. We set staff alerts for any co-pays or deductible amounts so patients can be informed before arriving in office. We also obtain prior auths for services to be rendered. To learn more about how we handle benefits verification

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Charge Posting and Auditing

 Our experienced medical billing specialists use your superbills to post charges then submit claims. We help ensure you are paid for all services rendered by recommending any missed charges, and reduce claim denials and audit risk by flagging and rectifying discrepancies. To learn more about how charge posting works

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Payment Posting and Adjustments

 EOBs are collected, payments posted and claims submitted to secondary insurers on a daily basis. We escalate any denied claims internally, and also deal with all refunds, adjustments, bad debts, etc. for you. By using Boomerang, a large percentage of your ‘clean’ claims are paid and closed in the system within 15 days of the DOS. To learn more about our payment posting process

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A/R Management

By reducing the number of days your revenue stays in A/R, we improve your cash flow and reduce claim denials. Our aggressive appeals process for denied claims helps get you paid. We also support your patient statements, track and resubmit unpaid claims and reconcile insurance and patient payments.


Reporting is key to understanding Boomerang’s impact on your business. Productivity, quality and efficiency are measured and reported to you on a monthly basis. We provide you financial tools to see your practice’s profitability and make real-time decisions.