Boomerang Global provides a staffing solution to augment the in-house skills of medical practices and hospitals. Staff augmentation can encapsulate any process or task that can be performed remotely, and is scalable to your company’s demands. We use a global network of employees to provide competitive rates and rapid delivery times. While staff augmentation for billing and coding is our most widely used service, we can help with any need that you have such as front or back office tasks, compliance activities, revenue cycle management, patient outreach activities, IT projects, etc.

Rather than investing the time and money required to hire, retain and internally train a large staff, let Boomerang Global meet your personnel needs for you. Our skilled employees work under your direction to carry out labor-intensive tasks, allowing your team to focus on core business functions. We seamlessly engage our staff with your employees and goals, helping you start new projects quickly or keep task completion moving. Boomerang Global provides tailored staffing solutions for any situation, including fluctuating and short-term skill requirements, interim role fulfillment or changing personnel needs.

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